Best Paper Award

Spatially Biased Random Forest

Benjamin Mitchell and John Sheppard

Runner Up:

On Rational Monotony and Weak Rational Monotony for Inference Relations Induced by Sets of Minimal C-Representation

Christoph Beierle, Steven Kutsch and Henning Breuers

Content-dependent vs. Content-independent Features for Gender and Age Range Identification in Different Types of Text

M. Zakaria Kurdi

Best Student Paper Award

Learning Behavioral Memory Representations from Observation

Josiah Wong and Avelino Gonzalez

Runner Up:

A Reachability-Based Complexity Measure for Case-Based Reasoner

Devi Ganesan and Sutanu Chakraborti

Integrating Typed Model Counting into First-Order Maximum Entropy Computations and the Connection to Markov Logic Network

Marco Wilhelm, Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Marc Finthammer and Christoph Beierle

Best Poster Award

Distributed Coalition Formation with Heterogeneous Agents for Task Allocation

Ayan Dutta, Emily Czarnecki, Asai Asaithambi and Vladimir Ufimtsev

Runner Up:

A Case-Based Reasoning Application for Guiding Low-Back Pain Patients

Kerstin Bach, Ilya Ashikhmin, Tomasz Szczepanski and Agnar Aamodt

Expanding Controllability of Hybrid Recommender Systems: From Positive to Negative Relevance

Behnam Rahdari, Chun-Hua Tsai and Peter Brusilovsky

Douglas D. Dankel II Award

Rita Rodriguez

Rita Rodriguez was a driving force behind the early FLAIRS. Rita was a faculty member at FIT about the time FLAIRS was “born”, specializing in AI, in particular, Temporal Reasoning. She was part of the original core group that started FLAIRS in September 1987, at a meeting of Computer Science faculty in Florida. The early FLAIRS conferences would not have happened without her efforts and generous personal contributions.